Neva Tiverton lived a sheltered life as the only child of the king and queen of Ophidia, Ander and Kersa. Their kingdom was attacked one night by soldiers from a rival king, led by someone Neva had only heard about in legends—a sorcerer named Alpharan. As the army laid waste to the land they loved, Ander shocked Neva by using something he had been hiding from her since birth, their family’s magical abilities. Using a spell, the three members of the royal family, along with four of their most trusted guards, were transported to a cave system hidden from the rest of the world.

Kersa and Ander could not sit by and let their kingdom fall, so they left Neva in the hands of the guards, and set out to negotiate with another kingdom. Neva woke the next morning to a panicked guard, who succumbed to his wounds as he told her where to find a powerful summoning spell her grandfather had left in the cave. Neva spoke the words for a spell that promised a powerful warrior to help her defeat her enemies. Instead, it delivered a high school senior from Earth named Thomas King, who was even more ill-equipped to handle the battles ahead as she was.

Now, the only way for Neva to escape the caves, find her parents, and return the Tiverton Kingdom to its rightful rulers, is to work with a young man whose only concern is returning to Earth so he can take his SATs and escape the small town where everyone knows his family as the Crazy Kings.

It is up to you to help Neva and Thomas realize their potential. Their powers are tied to their emotional bond, and your choices will determine whether they are able to overcome their pain, anger, and self-doubt in order to find the magic that resides in themselves

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